No More Rack Reviews – Are Insanity Deals a Scam?

I’ve finally had some pretty significant experience with the No More Rack website, enough so that I can give some pretty unbiased reviews of it.  It seems over the Holiday shopping season that the deals have gotten somewhat better.  I’m really only trying to get one of their Insanity Deals they advertise.  I see them come up all the time, but I can’t seem to ever buy one.  So let me tell you what I’ve been doing to catch the insanity deals and also to buy them.  You decide whether it’s a scam or not when it comes to the Insanity deals.

So, how do I see so many Insanity Deals on the site?  The secret is a Firefox Browser plugin called ReloadEvery.  It does just that.  It reloads your browser every so often at a time interval you select.  The website states that Insanity Deals sell out within minutes.  So using that information I logged into the website.  Once logged in, right click anywhere in the site and you’ll see the reload every options for time intervals.  I set it to 30 seconds.  It seemed that the Insanity Deals were going live soon after the new deals were posted.  I saw the most Insanity Deals show up between Noon EST and 2:00PM EST.  Most days I would see two to three deals come available as my browser refreshed every 30 seconds.

Once I saw a deal, I immediately clicked on it and pressed the buy now button.  Every time I pressed buy now, a message was displayed saying the product was out of stock already.  I tried this same process on the Canon Rebel EOS DSLR camera, the iPad2 (which is the deal I’m really looking to score!), the PS3, and even the iPod Touch for around $18.  Many of these deals came available multiple times in the last ten days and I’ve tried to purchase 15 Insanity Deals.  ALL (100%) came up as “Product no longer in stock.”

I thought maybe they really do sell out in under 60 seconds.  Perhaps the deal went live 28 seconds before my browser refreshed, and by the time I clicked buy now it had actually been live for 45 seconds and was out of stock.  So, my solution was to reduce the time intervals in ReloadEvery to 10 seconds.  I saw more Insanity Deals this way, and clicked on more to buy.  But experienced the same thing.  So worst case scenario it seems that the Insanity Deals are selling out in 15 seconds or less.

But the more plausible explanation is that No More Rack is not really selling any of the products featured as Insanity Deals.  My hunch based on the experience is that the Insanity Deals are used as a “carrot on a stick” so to speak to get people coming back to their site.  I would like to hear from a customer who has successfully purchased and received one.

I called the support number and was on hold for 20 mins without speaking to anyone.  I finally hung up.  So I tried the online chat and again held for 30 mins without anyone initiating a chat on their end.  So I emailed.  It took 48 hours to get a reply.  And they didn’t even address my concern.  They just repeated the line on the website that the Insanity Deals sell out in a matter of minutes.  I replied to them saying that this cannot be true as I am clicking the buy now button within about 25 to 45 seconds and all are out of stock.  As you can imagine, I received no reply.

Now I’m hoping to test the friendrack deals.  This website is getting lots of traffic.  I hope you’ll help me test this by joining No More Rack through my “Join Now” links throughout this site.  As I rack up enough friends, I’m going to use the friend credits to place an order and will report back whether I receive it or not.  To test whether they actually have the products they advertise, I’m going for the iPad2, which requires 500 friends.  I should be able to get there soon and report back if you

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